The Role of the Critic or what/who is a Public Intellectual?

As part of my grad seminar this blogg will attempt to bridge that putative”binary” between “the real world” and “out-of-touch academia.”

What you will get to read over the next few months will provide commentary on current “Zeitgeist”  issues, whether the may be popular culture, media or politically-related that I find startling, irritating, or simply thought-provoking …

As a grad student you constantly get the question from parents, neighbors, or friends what the heck it is you’re actually doing and why it matters. I think one of my biggest weaknesses as an “academic” is that I oftentimes utterly fail at being able to explain in a sentence or two of what it is I’m studying or researching. With this blogg, it is my goal to make some of these nerdy academic things more understandable and relatable to “the real world” out there – whatever and whoever that may be. So please join me in reading “Zeitgeist” and I’m very much looking forward to hearing your input and feedback!

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