Happy Spring Break!

In lieu of a lengthy and thought-provoking post this week, Zeitgeist is taking a little Spring Break  but will resume in regular fashion next week!

However, being on one of my (frequent) road trips down to Champaign, IL last Thursday and listening to several radio stations of all different musical tastes, here are some random questions about several artists who frequented my “youth” and seem to be M.I.A. …

1) Whatever happened to JaRule and the whole Irv Gotti crew? Are they still making reality TV shows or are they finally back in the lab?

2) What’s up with Eve, Ruff Ryders, and DMX?

3) How did I miss out on the whole Alicia Keys/Swizz Beats entanglement?

4) Is No Doubt still making music?

5) Madonna really wants me to spend $200 for a concert ticket, but will generously provide me with her new album for free in exchange?

5) Is Suge Knight still in the bizz, locked up for tax fraud, or what?

6) What’s Missy Elliot up to?!

7) Will Dr. Dre ever release his Detox album? It’s been over ten years since “2001” and twenty since “The Chronic” …

8) Will D’Angelo bring us a second “Untitled”?

9) Has anyone seen pics of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s twins?

10) Wait, Jada and Will Smith got divorced, when?

Any answers or information you may have to solve these utterly important questions would be much appreciated!

That’s it from me this week, see y’all back in the Twin cities!

Oh and PS: if you google “spring break” these are some the images popping up … Happy Spring Breakin’! A friendly shout out to my students: please DO NOT post similar pictures of you online …


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