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Spring 2012 – It’s a (double) Wrap

Whoop the semester has officially come to an end!

At this point I want to congratulate my COMM 1101 Public Speaking section for successfully “mastering” their rhetorical assignments this semester – yay! You all clearly deserve your summer break and I hope you have fantastic three months off!

As for this blog, which was started as part of my grad seminar COMM 8210 “The Role of the Critic” – it’s been a pleasure circulating some more or less half-baked ideas throughout the past 4 months, and I promise I’ll try my best to keep some “good stuff” coming – probably with a little less frequency though. Btw: Zeitgeist has at this point had over 1200 views – another yay!

And dang: I also survived my first year as a PhD student up here, and yeah while the U of M ain’t like my old Alma Mater, it’s been a really good ride thus far (plus, I’m not nearly as exhausted as I was after completing my first year of grad. school back in 2009, no sleeping in the library), so I’m not toiled to death yet lol.

I’ll be spending much of May and early June in Europe, so keep an eye out for reports from the homeland.

Until then take care,  kill those final exams, good luck with prelims or defending your dissertations everyone!

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