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Summer and the livin’s easy – or so they say

It’s August 1 today – can you believe it?!

Shame on my blogging-self for not keeping the site very well updated over the past 6 months. But the final semester of grad school got the best of me, quite literally: I successfully defended my dissertation Terrorizing Gender: Transgender Visibility and the Surveillance Practices of the U.S. Security State in April, so that PhD is real thing now.

And after some *gruesome* months on the job market (I feel everyone’s pain out there) I am happy to report that I’ve accepted a position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Colorado – Denver.

IMG_2715View of Downtown from CU Denver’s  Student Commons Building

Leaving Minneapolis after 5 years certainly isn’t easy and there are many things I’m already missing. Yet Denver isn’t too shabby of a place to live (despite the insane influx of Midwesterners, Texans, and Californians …)! I’m quite fond of the art and food scene at this point, and of course, all the micro-brews (not too over-hopped) speak to the German in me as well.  While I have yet to adjust to the rather intense desert heat and the fact that it’s been constantly over 90F for the past 3 weeks, I love biking along the Cherry Creek Trail to my new office on CU Denver’s Auraria Campus and drive out to the Rockies on a weekend (not to mention the skiing season that awaits me:)

IMG_2741 Denver Museum of Art


Professionally, I am very glad to have found an academic home in a Department that approaches Communication Studies from a critical  and intersectional perspective and has a strong focus on social justice efforts. I’m very excited to get to know my new colleagues over the next few months and help to shape the Department’s Media Studies pathway. I also look forward to work with CU Denver’s multi-faceted student body and get a sense of what drives and concerns students out here in the West.


We Made It to the Top: Pikes Peak at 14,110 Ft (4,300m)

IMG_2779Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

To all the students I encountered teaching during my time at the University of Minnesota: it’s been a great pleasure and I wish you all the best for your future endeavors! Your inquisitiveness, critical thinking skills, love for current pop culture, crazy media production skills, and sometimes also push-back – all have made me a better teacher over the years.

So much for now. There are only a mere 3 weeks left before the Fall semester starts: syllabi need to be finalized, articles need to be reviewed, revised, and written, and at the very top of that pile should be a book proposal in the making. Ah the lives of academics. I promise the next post will be more on topic and less weepy again 🙂





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