As an interdisciplinary scholar trained in communication and media studies, I work at the intersections of critical media, queer, trans, sports and surveillance studies. My current book project, Terrorizing Gender: Transgender Visibility and the Surveillance Practices of the U.S. Security State (forthcoming with the University of Nebraska Press) explores how the increased visibility of transgender people in the media is connected to an attendant surge in surveillance and regulatory practices of trans people by the state. Employing an assemblage of qualitative methods (including critical discourse analysis and ethnography) and primary sources (e.g., print and news media, social media, as well as legal documents), I interrogate the scrutiny trans people encounter, both in the media and by the security state in order to argue that the Othering of trans people not only reveals the limitations of LGBTQ visibility politics, but the state’s continued biopolitical management of marginalized populations, which systematically denies trans people access to civil rights and renders them politically, legally, and socially disposable. Other research interests include critical analyses of the militarization of sports culture and the challenges trans and gender-nonconforming athletes face in sex-segregated sports.


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